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Your website is just the beginning. For better or worse, your business needs more than an email address. We want to help you figure out your first step or your next step. Quality content and experience leads to happy website visitors. Sharing that content on social media and email is good. Having it show up in a search result is even better. Getting customers from all these actions is fantastic.

search envy web design

Website Design

Ensure your website works. Integrate with apps to automate and save time. 

search envy advertising


Advertise to create awareness, promote a sale, or invite customers to your site.

Increase the “findability” of your site on desktop and mobile. Get on that first page of Google results.

Entice customers with content to share with other potential customers.

Boost your online presence. Engage and attract potential customers with social media. 

Simply Put, Our Clients Enjoy

More Traffic & Conversions

Our clients see a significant increase in traffic based on the services outsourced to Search Envy. Be ready to scale.

Time To Focus On Deliverables

Spend less than 2 hours a month on your marketing. Your dedicated Team Lead will insure everything is done and keep you updated.

Clear KPIs and Action Items

We are a goal-focused agency that works to increase KPI’s. We work hard to establish a relationship with your business and deliver.

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