So everyone’s supposed to sleep every single night now?


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So everyone’s supposed to sleep every single night now?


Deep breath in – aaand it’s still a pandemic. But, good things are on the horizon – like this week’s Jerry Report. Lots of Google updates, email references, and omg Slack was down. ❌❌❌



☠️ Google search traffic went down for pirate sites after a spike in March. This correlates with algorithm updates, but if one wants a pirated site, who’s Google to redirect you somewhere else?

? How good is your UX? Google’s May 2021 algorithm update includes a new “Page Experience” factor. This new factor includes a combo of existing factors. Here’s what you need to know.



?️ Use Google Ad’s new insights tab to find keywords, tending locations by city, exclude terms you don’t want, and explore new ones you do.



♻️ Repurpose your content for email:

  • Pull ideas from social media trends, topics, and polls
  • Use user-generated content
  • Breakdown infographics
  • Recycle popular video content


? Some of the best 2020 B2C brands with really good emails include Harry’s, Everlane, and Brooks Running. Notice the consistent branding and visuals. Do your emails have the same consistent vibes?



? Slack was down for a few hours, and …


? Google and Snapchat planning to invest over $100 million in an Indian social network, ShareChat.



? We’re all just content zombies. This Netflix data def shows that hot shows influence the way we search and, therefore, think.



? Last year in UX, we saw more voice, minimizing UI, more negative space, imperfect elements making a perfect image, neumorphism style pushing out flat design, more 3D, acceptance of asymmetry, subtle yet great animations, and information architecture. How will these trends evolve in 2021?


? Get your zen on with the Natural Pain Co site design collab.



? It’s the New Year, so grab one of every fruit, veggie, and nut in the kitchen. Throw it all in a blender and liquify. Now, pour that down the drain because nothing has really changed yet, and take a pull from something in the liquor cabinet.



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