Sleepy Gary, How Do We Know I’m Real?


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Sleepy Gary, How Do We Know I’m Real?

Running on fumes and it’s only Monday. Is this real life? Good thing we managed to pull off this shiny new Jerry Report for you. We managed to avoid a decent amount of political news for everyone’s mental health. That stuff is a snooze-fest anyway ?. BTW, are you in need of Local SEO?



? Don’t get banned. Here’s what Google will flag.

? Still publishing press releases? It’s not a waste of time.



✔️ Fixing your Google ad mistakes. SMH

? Google. Cookies. Power. Is it all too much?



?‍? Can it cannabis? Weed needs email marketing, too.

⌚ Infographic time. Best time to send an email 2020 edition.



?️‍?️ Instagram blocks bullying comments and warns posters.

? Twitter takes extra steps to avoid misleading information. 



? Stop messing up your data insights. Use automation.

? Ivan presents an infograph of infographs.



? Living that gradient life. Here’s how to do it right.

? Experimental Cocorolló packaging coming in clutch.



? Explain your pitch to me using the 10,000 most-used words.



? Facebook officially gives Holocausts deniers the digital finger.



Make a Fall marg with Martha.



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