Peace among worlds


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Peace among worlds

The doom scrolling has slowed down, and you might have actually started bingeing TV instead of political news. Are you still watching? No! You’re now reading this week’s new Jerry Report. 



? Less than 15% of sites optimize LCP, FID, and CLS for Google. 

? Voice search jumps up 11% this year. Do you even ? bro?



? No more political Facebook ads for another week. Cheers!

? 2021 PPC trends look bleak. Less data. More … work? 



?️ Did you know that the average email print rate: 0.18%? (Read more interesting and more useful email facts.)

⚠️ No, seriously, this is your last warning to get your eCommerce together for 2020.



?️ The long-standing Insta home screen design gets new shop and reels tabs. 

?‍♀️ Instagram teams up with Egyptian nonprofits to #ChooseWordsWisely and oppose bullying.



? Get the (vitamin) D(ata).

♕ Look at you, Netflix, influencing Trends. People try to (PS Watch the show.) 




♻️ We only have one planet. Make your site more sustainable.

? Hats off to JDO agency for this sleek COVID home test kit design.



? Have you mindlessly backed up all your pics on Google Photos for years? That’s going to end next year. 



? No 2020 YouTube Rewind. Ya, that makes sense.



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