Oh Summer. First race war, huh?


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Oh Summer. First race war, huh?

Woah, a big week here. We’re fully expecting a nuclear wasteland by next week. There’s a lot to worry about – pandemic, election results, PPC management, your hard drive that just crashed. Good thing we can take your mind off of things with marketing news. Best of luck this week!



? 20 2020 product page practices. (Now say that 10 times fast.)

? Jumping straight to the ‘how to optimize’ for voice search section for you here.



? Facebook Ads sees a spike in scams. Come on, 2020, give it a rest.

?️ Reign in your Google Shopping Campaigns before Cyber Monday.



✔️ This is how you survey your audience.

?️ A breakdown of how Gmail treated political emails



?️ You can now find LinkedIn’s virtual events. We’ve missed so many … 

? Dodge the Twitter QAnon bots.



?‍⚖️ Can you guess the most visited sites in the US? Hint: You’ve seen them in court.

?️ Who’s favored to win the election this week?



? YouTube boosts its mobile UX with video chapters and more.

? Has science gone too far? And by science, we mean icon designs



? This iconic dinosaur is the symbol of one of the most recognized and longest continuously operated oil brands.

Old Advertising



Do you use these Google tools?

✍️ Download Google’s free Ads Editor app to work offline and make changes quickly, and easily.

?️ Google Web Designer gives you the power to create beautiful, engaging HTML5 content.



? Working remotely saves 40 minutes in the car (and other WFH facts from 2020).

?️ Just breathe on November 3rd. 



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