Meh, try not to worry about it


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Meh, try not to worry about it

Raise the flag and call me Clinton. It’s ballot-casting time. Register, like, now, if you haven’t. Vote for someone good ? We’ll be writing in – as we do every year – for our SEO Services. Nothing would get done, but it would be really fun.



? Multiply your content like rabbits. A how-to for SEO.

? Strap in for some machine learning-powered keyword research.



? Facebook takes a step back to the 7 day attribution model stating October 12 to help your advertising be more “resilient”.

? A lil PPC advice for the noobies. 



✨ MailChimp Fall 2020 updates: redesigned look plus upgrades for devs. 

? Hay’s recent email might spark some inspiration for yours. 



? Twitter is getting people to read more articles by calling them out. 

? LinkedIn is testing a stories feature so you can … share pics of yourself not having fun in a meeting?



? Drumroll for our biggest crossover yet: using data science for SEO.

? Scientists are using AI to better understand and track loneliness. ‘I’m afraid your diagnosis is … Foreveraloneiatis!



? Check out AirBnb’s new series about artists of all types getting unstuck, Quicksand.

? We stand behind ethical package design



? Register and vote. Like, now.



? Spooky booze season is here. Must make Butterbeer.



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