Is your Morty insured?


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Is your Morty insured?


Hop aboard the Jerry Report newsletter to read all the round ups and rundowns of 2020. Prep you and your team with the trends and to-dos for 2021. ?



? SEO and Google have fundamentally changed our world. More direct to consumer brands, higher search engine saturation, and a more competitive SEM environment.

? Next year’s SEO trends include AI, EAT content, and predictive search.



? Seven ways to combine SEO and PPC next year:

  1. Identify keyword traps
  2. Share PPC info with the SEO team
  3. Rehash your landing pages
  4. Aim high for SERP
  5. Find keywords throughout buyers’ journey
  6. Use research and insight to update wording
  7. Use PPC results to improve SEO



✔️ Make a goal of having these 5 basic email automations this year:

  • Welcome
  • Winback
  • Abandoned cart
  • VIP customer
  • Post-purchase



? The best social campaigns of this year? We have the classic #ShotOniPhone, the mournful #RIPPeanut, and the relatable #CouldUseABeer.

? What happens to @POTUS when @realDonaldTrump leaves the office? Twitter will ask followers of @POTUS and @WhiteHouse if they want to keep following the accounts. Then, follower count for both accounts will be reset to zero.



? Ten COVID-19 big data stories of 2020 include devs being asked to create AI tools, Google making datasets free, and data predicting hospital bed capacity during outbreaks.

? Sharing data sets will help AI to create knowledge. It’s big brain time people.



?‍? Business-aware designers know:

  • The fundamentals of business
  • The industry and competition
  • Their business tools
  • How to communicate with data
  • How to talk biz lingo


? Most of the best design apps of 2020 … are on Apple products. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the expectation-exceeding Illustrator for iPad, the more-than-a-touchup Artleap app on iPhone, or the VR Super You app for iPhone.



? Time to play Trump vs brands. The Prez messed with a lot of brands in 2020, and he didn’t win all the fights he chose.

? Market to millennials next year by:

  • Standing for something more
  • Concentrating on social
  • Making good reviews easy
  • Highlight user-generated content



? The New Year Swirl: You gotta start the new year with a clean liquor cabinet, and you’ll be hungover on the first, so mix every opened bottle you have into the biggest cup you own and swirl away.




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