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I’m Mr. Crowbar


The sun is setting on 2020. And Adobe Flash. And your holiday marketing plan. But fear not. This week’s Jerry Report has some rules for SAB SEO, holiday PPC, plus new email and Instagram tools.



? 5 Dont’s in Local SAB (Service Area Businesses):

  1. Don’t set up a fake office or PO box
  2. Don’t set up strings of  locations to fake operating multiple locations
  3. Don’t set up listings for vacant or otherwise empty homes
  4. Don’t engage in violations of Google’s Guidelines
  5. Don’t over-promise results or agree to unrealistic goals



?️ SEO tips that capture holiday attention for next year:

  • The best time to prepare for holiday marketing was 6 months ago. The second best time is now.
  • Pinpoint a launch date for next season by backing into link acquisition needs for target SERPs.
  • Holiday-related URLs on your site are not temporary. Make them evergreen components of your year-round organic strategy.
  • Tap into the previous year’s Google Search Console data to identify holiday-related terms you’ve ranked for. Make sure you have intent-aligned pages for them.

?️ Its worth running PPC for restaurants because of timing, fast cost effective ROI results.

? Make your ads look “Organic” to stop scrolling.



? Fire the designer! Jk, don’t do that. But, Mailchimp has a new Creative Assistant that looks at your website, digests design elements, lets you tweak them, and use in multiple channels. Have you tried it out? Let us know.



? Instagram Content Calendar in its Creator Studio Tool, if you have it, appears on the left hand side function bar in your Instagram tab in the app.



? The data visualizations that helped us understand 2020.

2020 visual



? Seven lessons from a 96-year-old content marketing tradition:

  1. Steal ideas to make them better
  2. Stick with what works, adjust what doesn’t
  3. Look at things from a different perspective
  4. Don’t go solo
  5. Interact with your audience
  6. Scrutinize your language – ignorant word choices eliminate any value your content might have
  7. Start small



? As this dumpster fire of a year closes, so, too, does Adobe Flash. Video and game websites that were molded around the most well-known internet plugins will no longer be supported at the end of December 31, 2020. Take a moment to scroll through Jonas Richner’s “How Flash Games Shaped the Video Game Industry.” Then go hit up your favorite Flash game website.



? Virtually all services that require a Google login were offline.



? Twitter acquires screen-sharing social app Squad. What will they do with that?



old christmas ad




? While we can’t say this is the ultimate guide to YouTube, this definitely gave us some ideas around what helps grow a channel. Like incorporating trending topics into your niche. We got excited with the idea of creating a YouTube channel for Search Envy just by listening to this audiobook. Will we launch one? Not sure yet.



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