I still don’t know what I do


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I still don’t know what I do


We’re moving at string-lightning speed. If you’re an e-commerce company (need PPC Management?), you’re behind. Ya, sad, but true. Always and all of the time it seems. Not just now. But, we’ve got some news and info to help you catch up in this ecomm heavy edition of the Jerry Report. ?



? Take my hand. Now take this LinkedIn tag guide. Now take a break.

? New GMB data and reports. Holidays came early this year.



? Read up on these PPC tips for the SaaS biz.

? Tie a ribbon on those Instagram ads with these eCommerce tips. 



? Get inspo from these RGE Black Friday emails. (Lolz at Nightmare before Cyber Monday.)

? Litmus just started offering an Email Marketing Certification. Get on it before the crazy begins.



? Tap to see Pinterest’s new holiday updates. Let’s go shopping.

? Instagram shopping includes expanded IGTV and Reels features.



?️ Study up on data-backed holiday ecommerce strategies.

? No one seems to have this pandemic thing down. Might as well capitalize on the profitable trends.



? Feel on the inside to buy, we must. Does your landing page make people feel?

? Pop-ups, dark pattern design, and that annoying bar. Cookie bars are hard to design. 



? Deep dive into page authority. Bring your speedo. 

? Invasive Brain Computer Interface (BCI) all the way. Ghost in the Shell us baby.



? It’s been a time. Sip a French Negroni cocktail, made by a Brit, so you know it’s fancy.



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