I just want to go back to Hell, where everyone thinks I’m smart & funny


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I just want to go back to Hell, where everyone thinks I’m smart & funny


It’s that weird part of December where everyone’s pretending to work. Well, you can pretend and read a new Jerry Report at the same time. This week, a reminder that Google doesn’t own AMP script, how to boost email engagement, YouTube tries to reduce the comment hate, and better graphs for your presentations.




✏️ Eight questions to ask about your content when writing for SEO:

  • Is it original?
  • Is it a wholistic topic?
  • Does it provide good analysis or info (beyond obvious)?
  • Is it a re-telling of resources?
  • Are titles and headlines helpful or just there?
  • Does it exaggerate or tell the truth?
  • Would you bookmark or share it?
  • Would a respected source link to it?


? In Google’s “Benefits of AMP” article defends themselves from SEO accusations. Google doesn’t own Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) content, and they don’t divert traffic away. They highlight AMP content for a better UX in the Top Stories Carousel feature in Google Search – the major benefit of using AMP for SEO.



? Why the heck is Google My Business (GMB) the place to be?

  • Zero-click searches that don’t need to visit a website
  • Quality-based results that require accurate info, active pages, and actions by users
  • Increasing number of “Near Me” searches
  • Visual search results that show up in your GMB



? It’s an art and a science. Email designs to boost engagement:

  • Recognizable branding
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Unique imagery, colors, or design
  • Interactive content
  • Personalized content
  • Responsive design
  • A/B test winners



? Ready to manage social media in a crisis?

  1. Create a social media policy covering copyright, privacy, confidentiality, and brand voice
  2. Secure your accounts restricting access and 2FA
  3. Use social listening to predict issues
  4. Define what a crisis is and what to do
  5. Craft a communication plan for a crisis
  6. Stop or pause everything that was scheduled
  7. Don’t argue, do engage
  8. Learn from the experience


?‍♂️ YouTube tries to address comment hate. Before posting something questionable, a “Keep comments respectful.” warning pops up. Ponder pre-post, peeps.



? Flourish is an easy peasy way to visualize big data. Wake everyone up on the Zoom call, and tell a story with your graph. The templates alone are amaze-balls.



? Robert Goesch, Product Designer / Co-founder at DUMBO, said good-bye to wireframes, and it wasn’t too sad. The world of design moves faster than wireframes and templates.



? A must for any web dev who cares, TinyPNG compresses images. We’ve tried many, but TinyPNG keeps winning us over. Maybe it’s the lil panda bear. We use this on every image we upload to the internets. This one tool helps keep site size down.


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