Hungry for Apples?


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Hungry for Apples?


You’ve arrived, you lucky SOB. This is the first Jerry Report for all you agency, in-house, and freelance Jerry Smiths out there. It’s our weekly (probably) collection of digital takes on the marketing world. So, are you hungry for apples? ?


? Dive into more of the Bing Search ranking factors.
? The ultimate guide to structured data with the preferred WordPress SEO plugin.



? Generate HQ leads that’ll make you go “yesss.”

?‍♀️ Do keywords even matter anymore?



? This poll says 68-85% think HTML/designed emails perform better than plain-text emails.

?️ Intro to customer journeys for your email. (Stop procrastinating and do it already.)



? Make your LinkedIn marketing better with videos.

? “#SexIsGreatButHaveYou ever done shrooms at a Janis Joplin concert?”



?Shit sucks right now. But information is beautiful, but also deadly … ☣️

? Everything you need to know about big data in 8 minutes. (It took us 9.5, but whatever.)



? LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games emblem is AAAmazing.

? Cocktail in a can?We’ll take a six packfor our one-a-day quarantine walk.



? Learn with Facebook Blueprint.

? Black Friday prep. Set up EDI now for direct fulfillment via Amazon.



old marketing ad



?️ An evergreen take on funnel building and how to convert. We love the energy (and the free copy.)

dotcom secrets audio book cover



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