Get Out Of Here, Summer!


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Get Out Of Here, Summer!


Many of us wrote this summer off. Now with Fall coming, we have never been so excited for pumpkin everything. “Give me pumpkin spice!  Drive them into utter submission.  Your pumpkin spice SEO must not show the slightest pity or mercy… as only you can…  Never stop!” (PS Have you seen the new Dune trailer? We have.) ?



? Fix SEO before it’s a problem

? Too much content? It might not be as big of an issue as you think.



?‍? Finally! MS can put your ads on LinkedIn.

❓ Are you running your A/B tests long enough? And doing other stuff wrong?



? Location, design, wording. Make your email signup forms better. Example A.

? With all the automation and bots, sometimes we forget we’re all HUMANS. #1: Change your email sender name.



? Oracle is “buy[ing] the rights to take over TikTok’s US data operations,” but did you hear about YouTube’s news?

? Is it that time of the year already? The time of year when you see “2020 marketing guides”?



? When quarantine blows over, we’ll run to theaters to watch this box office hit, “The Diary of a Data Engineer”.

? AI vs Machine Learning. Fight! Jk, but here’s the difference.



? Heads up. This agency revealed they’ve been using AI for graphic design for a year.

? New Intel branding. Check it.



? Come up with some good ideas, will ya?

✍️ Write (almost) anything. (So mad this doesn’t include online reviews. Oh wait – it DOES.)



Will we ever kill the bug?

never kill the bug? lies VW



? If you haven’t tried this pumpkin beer yet, it’s a must. In cans this year, too – woot! (New Belgium, we’re open to sponsors.)


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