Do you still love me?


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Do you still love me?

What’s this feeling? Is it relief? 2020 has finally provided a resolution to one thing. There’s still a long way to go, but we’ve covered the week’s digital marketing news in today’s Jerry Report. Keep on keeping on ?‍♂️?‍♀️



? Creeps and losers are hijacking GMBs, so watch your back.

?️ Instead of doom scrolling, we checked out the US Elections in Search 2020.



? You can use AI to write your ads, but you’ll still probably need to fine-tune them.



? It’s time. Take a look at 2021’s email marketing trends. This is the year to stop sending “Dear asdf”.

?️ Barrel’s fun email design got us feelin’ free.



? Facebook Dating coming to Europe. In other news the EuroTrip sequel sounds very boring. 

? Will Twitter’s steps to slow the spread of misinformation be enough? Find out on the next episode of 2020 Social Media Anxiety.



? Now check Google Surveys in Data Studio. Our reporting tool of choice still doesn’t include Google My Business without a third party.

Data is Beautiful



?? Gonna leave this ol’ guy here.

? If you’re still recoiling from the new Google icons, you can change them back.



? Don’t think you can tell a B2B story? Think again. 

? Are you going to try the McPlant aka a P.L.T.? (We’re not, because, you know, it comes from Mc Donald’s). 



? Champaign to celebrate the end of political ads. So. Done.




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