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Free Google Ads Waste Assessment

Our ppc waste assessment entails analyzing your current ppc campaigns and making recommendations on how to improve performance. Typically, this includes identifying areas of waste such as excessive spending or targeting the wrong audience. It also includes creating a strategy for improving performance and increasing leads.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you improve your bottom line by reducing waste and improving your leads.


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We work with all major Paid Ads Platforms to increase your traffic, conversions and leads. Let us help put some extra traffic in front of those potential patients with our proven strategies.

PPC Audit Services

Get a free PPC audit from our experienced team to learn how to improve the performance of your ad campaigns and strategy.

Remarketing Services

Use this PPC service to reconnect with past website visitors using targeted ads that motivate users to call, visit, or make a purchase.

GeoFencing Services

Generate custom remarketing audiences using geofences to target conferences, competitor locations, and more.

Facebook Advertising

Take full advantage of Facebook advertising with a custom campaign that drives brand awareness, likes, follows, and more

Other Social Media AD Services

Advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more with a custom social media advertising strategy.

Our Advertising Approach

We Have Respect For Your Money.

We can’t, in good conscience, work the way most PPC agencies do by aiming to hit a specific dollar amount every month without proving results.

We Build Your Digital Ads Assets.

We spend our time building your account to maximize your budget. These are yours to keep, and the account is yours. Like creating good content; our ads are made to build your digital assets.

We Break Into New Verticals.

Our ability to cross-platform and put your Ad dollars to work on multiple platforms as we see the opportunity, and don’t lock your advertising dollars in one vertical.

1. [ Lay of the Land, Ad Approvals & Reporting Reviews ]
We’ll need your help with this part. To get the most out of this partnership, we will need access to the websites, Google Analytics, and the ad platforms we will be working on, like Google Adwords.

2. [ Ad Creation ]
We’ll start by auditing your current ads to establish a baseline and verify conversions are working. Our primary focus is building ROI by interpreting accurate data and planning campaigns that convert.

3. [ Monitoring Ads ]
We’re not afraid of long hours and provide regular, diligent feedback on strategy. The folks you talk to on the phone are the same ones working on your campaigns.

4. [ Rewriting Ads & Split Testing ]
This standard practice is usually overlooked. We take your current ads, change the messaging or CTAs, and continuously A/B test for the best performers in Search, Display, and Social Ads.

5. [ Negative Match Filtering ]
We are focused on continually optimizing performance by ensuring a high rate of qualified clicks through negative keywords, negative geo-locations, and audience exclusions.

6. [ Research & Growth Planning ]
We come to you with customized ads and recommendations for taking your campaigns to the next level through data analysis, competitor review, and trend spotting.

Strategy & Reporting

[ Data Gathering ]
We’ll start by reviewing your site and the KPIs that are most important to you. We will set these events as the real Goals of our campaign and report accordingly. This will include user actions that lead to these goals as events and have these available for a further deep dive.
Google Analytics Reports
[ Conversion Tracking ]
Tracking these actions can include anything form completions, downloading a .pdf, or adding an item to a cart. Conversion tracking is our way to determine the effectiveness of our SEO efforts, an advertising campaign, split testing design changes, and other marketing funnels as users move toward conversion.
[ Conversion Reports ]
These reports are to provide accurate data on what actions your website visitors are taking, and where they are coming from. We work hard to take the guessing game out of what is and isn’t working.
[ A/B Testing Reports ]
Here we can include the number of variations, a brief description of the differences, the dates when the test was run, the total visitor count, and the visitor count by variation. This reliable data helps provide the percentage lift or loss compared to the original, conversion rates by variation, and the statistical significance or difference interval. Ultimately making smarter decisions.

Paid Advertising is your next best investment to Grow.

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