The cannabis industry is emerging. You need to be efficient while keeping a professional public face – on and off line. Keep current customers up-to-date on deals and invite newcomers into your store.

Show customers who you are

  • Win over customers before they even walk in the door
  • Display your uniqueness online
  • Add a stream of income with passive eCommerce and merch
  • Automate rewards programs, scheduling, and recordkeeping
  • Engage with your community with social media, ads, and content
  • Get found with organic SEO and boost your visibility with ads
  • Focus on future digital growth and opportunities


Whether you’re a local dispensary or a multi-store chain, awareness and differentiation can make or break your business.

Get on the radar with local search engine optimization and shout your brand to the internet. Be the dispensary they go to because it’s the coolest. Not the cheapest.

Unify your branding everywhere for a good user experience – not just online. Ever thought about making more cash with eCommerce? We got that.

Your loyal customers are awesome. We can help take it to the next level – advocates – with automated rewards programs. 

Stay top-of-mind with social and online ads. We’ll help you put your message on the screens of the right customers. Create the online following that matches your in-store culture. 

Search Engine Optimization can help your cannabis store grow even faster. Get found organically, locally, and easily.

We’ll help you build a scalable digital space. Ready to grow when you are.