Coffee Shops

Whether customers walk in off the street or reads a review online, keep them coming in the door. Maintain their loyalty and collect their feedback to improve your cafe.

Delight your customers

  • Reward customers in-store and online
  • Create a new way to sell online
  • Create an app for pick-up purchases
  • Show up as the neighborhood’s local shop
  • Boost your reputation and visibility with social content and advertising


Customers love you. Reward them for repeat business, bringing in friends, and being awesome with a free bev or discount online. Don’t have a digital store? We can help you out there.

Have a coffee shop app? Want one? Start getting online in-store pickup orders for the caffeine addict on the run. 

You say “Coffee near me”, they say “your store is right around the corner”. We can help improve your local search. 

Get those stars. We can help set up automatic flows that generate reviews for the most popular review sites and apps.