Explore all the ways to get the word out about your shop. Digital and in-store, maintain repeat business. Get customer feedback to improve and differentiate your services.

Style your digital services

  • Improve user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Identify touchpoints and maximize their impact
  • Create customer rewards programs
  • Automate scheduling and reminders
  • Pop up on search results
  • Advertise in the right places
  • Make social media count instead of just posting


It’s all in the details. Smooth out your digital presence on mobile, desktop, and app so your customers always know it’s you.

Find where clients are finding you. Optimize the most profitable and fine-tune the less successful. 

In-app or on site, unify your scheduling and customer service platforms. Less confusion, more automation, less time and money spent. 

Cut the waste. We can help you optimize ads on line and on social. Put your best look in front of people who search for it. We’ll help you test to see what’s the most profitable.

Add strategy to your social media practice. We can help you show off your shop’s character on social media.