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Below are some questions we will have when we touch base.

Our Free Hands-on SEO Audit - Part 2

We will be calling shortly to ask these questions below and to schedule a 30-45 min meeting a week, or so, from now to go over what we have found. 

Here are the questions we will be calling with:

If you have any past or current reports please include links above or send to hello@searchenvy.com

Want to Just Contact Us?


We see a lot of “Free SEO audits” available online and have tried them all. The thing that is always missing is the human perspective.  

We look over your website and your authority around the web and point out a few things that will absolutely help your Google Rankings if done.

Yes, we do use this as an opportunity assessment as well for our services but we make this these hands on audits valuable to you.

We ask budget upfront as this will give us a better idea of what we can do to meet your needs, and help us determine if we can be suitable agency for you. 

We can either build you a sailboat or an ocean liner. Both will be seaworthy, but your budget will dictate which solutions we can offer are possible.


If you are creating a new website or redesigning your current one, there are a lot of steps to take to insure proper mapping of your site to not lose any rankings  during the transfer

As a pain point of many of our clients, we like to catch these issues with you before hand and walk through the steps to assure a smooth transition between the old and the new.