About Us

We’re about optimizing digital marketing. Not too complex of an idea. Pretty simple, actually. But, we’re serious about it. Doing it the best, making good things work well, and always testing to improve.

That’s what we’re all about.

This isn’t our first rodeo.

Search Envy developed from years of marketing and IT experience. We add a healthy serving of your favorite secret sauce (that’s our desire to make everything work perfectly).

We’ve worked with

  • Digital eCommerce platforms
  • Email service provider
  • Website platforms
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Digital advertising platforms
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • All kinds of back-end marketing systems

We work it.

We’re mad for things that work. Seamlessly. At scale. It’s how we’re wired. And, we want to help wire your business to grow autonomously, as you need it.

Think less “climbing the stairs to success” and more “riding the escalator.” We’ll help build the foundation suit your needs today with the capacity for what you’ll need in five or ten years.

We get straight A’s on tests.

Testing is essential, but can be time consuming. Good thing we studied. Whether it’s driving up open rates for your email or putting that “Contact” form in the right spot, we can help you improve your metrics.

We’ll save you the list of certifications, master classes, and tutorials we’ve completed (there are a LOT). We’re proficient in almost every aspect of digital marketing.

Tailored for your business. And your customers.

Not too much. Not too little. We’re here to help you create, improve, or capitalize on whatever you need. Select from our services a la carte or plan and package them together.

We don’t try and sell you what you don’t need. That would go against our idea of efficiency. We’ll offer suggestions on what we know will be good for your business.

Our thoughtful consultations are to help you win. And, you’re always welcome to our free.

Ready for a serious talk about your digital marketing?