7 Digital Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons

If you’re a plastic surgeon looking to get ahead in business, then it’s time to take your marketing efforts into the multiple digital marketing funnels. With more and more competition we have to look at not only optimizing your current funnels but branching into new ones. In this article, we’ll cover seven different ways that […]

Digital Marketing is Replacing Traditional Marketing in the Medical Industry

Digital Marketing for Surgeons

Digital marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing in the Cosmetic Surgeon industry. One industry that is highly susceptible to this “digital takeover” is the medical industry, and plastic surgery is no exception. Studies show that more and more doctors are turning to social media and organic search to attract new clients and increase their visibility […]

How to Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Website for Search Engines in 2022

If you’re a plastic surgeon looking for ways to increase your web visibility, then optimizing your website for search engines is a great place to start. By improving your website’s ranking in SERPs and increasing its CTR, you can ensure that more people see your website when they’re conducting a relevant online search. In addition, […]